In 2016 artists from 7Cinema, with the support of 119 financial supporters, created the short film RUN. The film was a collaboration between actor @anne_the_troup and filmmakers @ohlukeson and @rachel.helling . These artists came together during the tumultuous 2016 election cycle to create a film that dealt directly with the political environment's effect on an individual.
Now it's your turn to pour your anxieties into a film. How are you coping with the first year of Trump’s presidency?

What we look for: Films that reflect 7Cinema’s inclusive and collaborative mission. Films that directly address our political and cultural moment. Films that represent community. Doesn't have to be big budget, just something that speaks to the moment.

Requirements: The film must be under 7 minutes. Premier status not required. Submissions must be set to 7cinemafilm@gmail.com as a Vimeo or downloadable link . Submissions must also include a letter (up to 200 words) describing your production process.

Deadline: All films must be submitted by 5pm on December 7th, 2017.

Winners will be screened December 12th at the 7Cinema screening.


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